Analysing Significance

Analysing Significance is a method for defining the museum value and the significance of the museum objects and collections, written by Finnish museum professionals Heikki Häyhä, Sari Jantunen and Leena Paaskoski, published in Finnish by the Finnish Museums Association in 2015 and in English by ICOM Finland and the Finnish Museums Association in 2019.

Analysing Significance includes also a collection of examples of using the significance analysis method on museum objects and collections, all written by a diverse group of Finnish museum professionals.

The Finnish significance analysis method was created in the project ‘Merkitykselliset museokokoelmat – Museo-objektien ja -kokoelmien merkitysanalyysimenetelmän kehittäminen’ (Museum collections of significance – Developing a significance analysis method for museum objects and collections), funded by the National Board of Antiquities and carried out in 2014.