Development of museum sector


The project will

1. identify the conditions for opening, storifying and usability of museum content and steps of the process.

2. develop the skills of museum professionals in opening up content, storytelling and product creation process.

3. develop the game industry professionals' knowledge of the existing museum contents and of the opportunities those contents can bring.

4. pilot a process of creating a game with the use of contents of museums. The project has four pilot museums: Museum of Kainuu, Kajaani Art Museum, The museum of Technology and Turkansaari open air museum. During the project, four games will be produced in these museums. In the end of the project, the process is described and then distributed as a part of the project’s training program.

5. document piloted content production methods into a well defined service concept.

6. produce professional papers related to serious game industry.

7. explain and describe the legal ownership and copyright issues associated with the material (3D models etc.) produced and collected in the process of creating a product from the contents of museums.

8. develop a training program targeted for actors in the creative industries in which the content is creative use and development of digital cultural heritage for areas such as cultural tourism. The training will be integrated  into the Museum Association's training program.

9. organise the project's final seminar which sets out the outputs of the project, as well as disseminates knowledge and skills acquired during the project.