Development of museum sector


During 2017 and 2018, the Tarinat peliin project has arranged workshops for museum professionals and other persons from the creative industry. There has been two kinds of workshops until june 2018: three serious games workshops and three storification workshops. Each worksop attracted 20 to 30 participants, and most of the feedback was positive.

Serious games workshops
The workshops focused on group work. After an introduction to different types of games and the general process of creating a game, the participants were divided into groups of 3 to 5 people and were given a task to design and create a game with the help of a serious game canvas (by Tanja Korhonen, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences). During the process, the participants had to think of various aspects on game creation, like monetizing, target group of the game, and game mechanics. In the end of the workshop each group pitched their game to the rest of the group, and each participant then chose their favourite game. The group with most votes won a prize.

Storification workshops
The storification workshops were held in collaboration with Anne Kalliomäki from Tarinakone. 2 out of 3 workshops also had a guest speaker from the gaming industry. However, the main focus was on storification – a process in which a story is created to bind together services or products. For museums, stories that bind together the contents of the museum can be very useful with marketing, but in our workshops the participants were told to widen this perspective and also think how the stories could be used as scripts for possible games created in museums.